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Senin, 29 September 2014

CT Deluxe Bundle Kit

  • CT Deluxe Bundle Kit
This bundle kit includes one of the following:
UCBWCT Head Sponge
MIS-CKBreast Radiation Dose Reduction System
UCBD45 degree spinal wedge coated
MPP-16CT comfort pillow
MCP-APCT Adjustable Leg Positioner
USCTCT Sponge Kit (10 pieces) coated
CRA-15Caution Radiation Sign
PS-08BPregnant Sign
VS-10EBProtect your Valuables Sign
NFD-22BNo Food Drink / Cellphone sign
SLU-CTCT in use Illuminated Sign 
FB-10NFilm Badge Holder 
FVL-L-61Flex Guard Light-Weight  Large Sapphire Blue
TAL-61Thyroid shield attached Sapphire Blue
LGL-L-61Half Apron Lap Guard Large Sapphire Blue
PFCSTERILE Lead Gloves  
LER-PBPLPower Guard protective eyeware 
ARP-06Apron Holder—6 Peg
SBK-GBGeneral Sand Bag Set
RDP-096CT  Patient Radiolucent Immobilizer 14” x 96”  
BSH-65Step Stool
GWP-P55Disinfectant for CT table and accessories
BMS-80Mayo Stand (instrument stand)
BIV-70IV Pole
TBS-2372Transfer Board—Standard
TBS-ST2Transfer Board Lifting Straps
TBR-2PTransfer Board Wall Rack
ZOM5-MA03CT Console Chair for Technologist
ZOAS-SX03Patient Chair  
ZBCH-USBUniversal Stool
SDM-CT1CT Skin markers 2.3mm
SDM-CT2CT Skin markers 4.0mm
MM3007Multi Modality Skin Marker for CT

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