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Senin, 29 September 2014

Chrysalis Breast Displacement System - Basic Set

  • Chrysalis Breast Displacement System - Basic Set
Designed by a radiologist for radiologists, CT technologists, and most importantly patients!  A significant development for your CT Radiation Dose Reduction Program. Key reasons why the Chrysalis is a MUST HAVE device: 

  1. Reduces the amount of radiation exposure to the patient.
  2. Reduces the amount of tissue in the scan plane.
  3. Image quality is improved in patients with large breasts 38-43%.
  4. Safely and effectively displaces the breast out of the imaging plane.
  5. Is radiolucent and causes neither ghosting nor streaking on the image. 
  6. Ideal for CT coronary angiography, CT Abdomen, PE Protocol, CT Chest (where image quality could be compromised by large breasts and obesity), Nuclear Medicine Heart, etc. 
  7. Using the Chrysalis is FAST and EASY!
The Solution for clearer and more accurate imaging! 

Decreases radiation exposure to the breast and increases image quality!
The Chrysalis basic set includes one Chrysalis device;three extensions allowing patient sizes of 28" to 60", plus an instructional DVD.

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