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Jumat, 26 September 2014

Chiropractic Bundles

  • Chiropractic Bundles
Chiropractic Accessory Bundles from Techno-Aide saves you time giving you all the items that you need in one bundle and allowing you to do what you do best - take care of patients! We have five (4) Ultrasound Bundles to choose from.
BNDL-CK14  Basic Bundle Kit
BNDL-CB14  Basic Digital Bundle Kit  
BNDL-CC14 Advanced Bundle Kit  
BNDL-CD14  Deluxe Bundle Kit  
For more detailed information on these chiropractic bundles, click link above or scroll down to the downloadable file section on this page to view an Informational Flyer. 

Downloadable Files

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